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Creating just the right amount of content to be successful online can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t possess the requisite writing skills, nor have a couple of skilled copywriters at your disposal. Content has become one of the biggest guiding influences online to Google in the last couple of years. Without solid, unique and expertly written content, the online part of your business will never experience the necessary growth required for an effective online presence. With the support of a Copy & Co freelance copy writer, the perfect content strategy is just a click away, and we are prepared to do what it takes to ensure the sustained success of your website.

Six steps in getting the perfect content

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Step 1 - Contact Us

Excellent, you’ve decided you want to find out more about what we have to offer. Well, we’re based in Cape Town, South Africa, but thanks to email and cell phones you more than likely won’t have to show up at our doorstep. We can also discuss your needs via our Skype account but please remember to keep to Central African time.

The briefing

STEP 2 - The Briefing

We ask all the right questions to get to the heart of business, and offer straightforward online-marketing advice too. Our experienced copywriters will pinpoint exactly what information needs to be conveyed to prospective clients, how to do it effectively and in the correct style relative to the online platform being employed.

we provide a sample of our content work

STEP 3 - The Sample

We create an example of the work to be done, giving you the chance to confirm that we are on the right track. We welcome client suggestions and recommendations and value any input that clients can offer – this is your baby after all. In return we will review our progress accordingly, working together with our clients to build the perfect platform for your individual needs.

Cpywriter write the copy or content

STEP 4 - Writing the Copy

At Copy & Co each writer has a specific set of skills that will be matched to the job at hand. It is vital that the right person is assigned to the writing that needs to be done. We look at this as a partnership that needs to be developed and it is crucial that the style and personality of the topic and writer complement each other. This will guarantee top-notch content that will go the extra mile towards elevating your online presence.

Editing the content

STEP 5 - Editing the Content

Our in-house editors check the facts and make sure everything fits 100% according to your brief. Effective editing ensures that the necessary information is conveyed in the most natural and effective way possible. It also keeps the product focussed, as a barrage of knowledge can be as damaging as not providing enough. No one wants rambling and aimless copy clogging up their limited website real-estate and our editors will guarantee that our product is seamless and flawless.

Client feedback

STEP 6 - Feedback

Once we are satisfied with the end result we forward you the content and then await your feedback. This is your opportunity to ensure that we have stayed within the required objectives of the marketing strategy that was outlined earlier in the process – will the work delivered contribute to your online campaign’s main objective and are you content that your website will reap the benefits.

Well that is enough about us.

Lets hear from you and how we can help your business.