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Product Descriptions – Taking your eCommerce site to new heights

There are several articles in the digital marketing space, which feature email techniques, landing pages, conversion rate optimization, to mention a few. These are great resources which are worth reading. However, not much has been said about product descriptions in the marketing literature and blogs. This write up will extensively consider how to take an…
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7 Copywriting Tips backed by science

In this post we’d like to share some useful copywriting tips that can be invaluable in improving your writing and ultimately make your copy carry a bigger punch. Guess what? The tips we’re going to be sharing with you are fully backed up by science. No shooting in the dark here hoping to hit the…
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Blogging Tips for Lead Generation

Are you interested in running a blog? Blogging can help you establish your authority and grow your business if you know how to use the platform. Many bloggers write a few posts, never share their content across social networks and bookmarking sites and expect to grow a steady flow of targeted traffic to visit their…
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