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    It’s the easiest mistake to make, and we’ve seen it made by countless online clients. When it comes to their inventory, it’s easy to simply stick up a few pictures and basically list the product’s features and then sit back and wait for the sales to roll in. Except that they might wait a very long time, even if their product is exactly what a potential client is looking for. Truly effective inventory descriptions demand so much more finesse and skill and at Copy & Co our product content writers have what it takes to guarantee that potential clients will be unable to resist clicking on the buy button!

    When presenting your products on your website, it is crucial that the character and tone of your company and items radiate from the vital product descriptions. Potential customers will be able to identify with your website much more easily and if they feel that they can relate to your identity then they’ll be that much more willing to purchase. In order to do this your potential client’s identity needs to be outlined and clearly defined – all writing should then be created with this persona in mind. Do you appeal to highly educated professionals who might frown on the use of slang and modern chat abbreviations, or is your company aimed at pursuing a younger target audience who might roll their eyes at stuffy language?

    Effective product descriptions that convert browsing into sales – let Copy & Co show you how

    Also vital is the nature of the description itself – are you merely listing all the features and specifications and leaving the rest up to fate? They key is to tell clients how this product will work for them, how it will change their lives and why they cannot let this opportunity pass them by. When writing or even editing existing products, our product description writers will thoroughly research your product and potential target market. This will enable us to focus on just what it is that makes your product so irresistible for would-be purchasers. If a client has waded through myriads of websites and finally discovered your product it is crucial that this last aspect of their search successfully convinces them that they’ve found exactly what they’ve been looking for.

    Of course as with all other online content, the best writing in the world is not much use if not correctly geared towards SEO requirements. Luckily the demands of search engines and the need to direct your product descriptions to your specific target audience go hand in hand – even down to the type of language and style of writing employed. Our expert writers will work out the correct ratio of keywords to employ while always aiming to reach clients first – this approach has always guaranteed success. Judicious use of headings and meta-tags will also greatly benefit your online rankings.

    Let Copy & Co convert your ho-hum product descriptions into highly effective and convincing top-ranking pages that will prove irresistible to visiting potential clients – your online company deserves nothing less.

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    Why is writing an excellent product description so important?
    Writing perfect content for an inventory description has become imperative when you run an online store and this content is an important opportunity to not only provide decisive information on your product but to also relay your unique brand identity.

    How do you define your tone of voice when writing product descriptions?
    This a really interesting question. The best guide is to look at your target market – are you aiming to attract a younger audience that might respond better to a more current and informal type of language, or is your product a complicated technical device mostly used by professionals who need the language to be as precise and clinical as possible. Do you need to convey humour or is a soberer tone called for?

    How do you write a product description that converts?
    Excellent question - First you would compose the normal description that relays all the requires specifications but then you would add all reasons why this "item" is better than your competitors’ offerings. Furthermore, a browsing potential client needs to feel that this particular item will improve their life more so than any other product out on the market – that is what turns browsers into clients.

    What is the difference between writing a services page and a merchandise descriptions?
    Descriptions for products is an explanation of the product’s features, specifications etc. It’s there to assist the customer in deciding if this is what they want. Service pages is...

    Why is unique product content so important in terms of SEO?

    Unique content has become one of the most important factors when Google decides your rankings for that page. In most cases you purchase your product from suppliers and they provide you with content. This content is also provided to your competition. Therefore, by merely uploading this content you already have a duplicated content issue which will hamper your search engine ratings, Google will even "penalise" websites if content is perceived to be copied from another existing source.

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    Yes we can send you some samples of our work we have done.

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    Copyandco will take all...


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