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    blogging writing services

    Regular expert blogging ensures that websites build credibility and trust with existing audiences, while helping to connect with new audiences online and creating leads. Blogs are seen as providing the human touch, a personal point-of-view that appeal to customers as it shows your business’ personal side. At the same time, browsers and web directories are also known to favour sites that boast a healthy ratio of blog posts – leading to increased traffic to these sites. If your website does not yet feature blogging, now is the time to act! Copy & Co provide blog writing services for all your content and blogging needs.

    Many website owners have realised though that sustaining a prominent blog can be challenging. It is an extremely time-consuming exercise to maintain a constant flow of well-written, entertaining and technically precise blog posts.

    Why not let Copy & Co take the wheel? Our talented team of blog writers can provide you and your website with all the advantages of regular blogging minus all the hard work. We’re based in Cape Town but our select team of experienced content writers has helped companies all over the globe take advantage of all the benefits of blogging, without taxing their already overworked staff.

    Blogging is essential – let Copy & Co show you the difference that regular blog posts can make to the health of your website.

    It’s been proven that a high rate of potential clients has been persuaded to enter into online transactions and purchases solely based on the endorsement of a reputable and trusted blogger. This is, in part, due to that time-honoured tradition of word-of-mouth in which many of us put so much value – if a company or product caused your friends or family to rave about its amazing value then you are so much more likely to give it a try yourself. This is what a reputable blog should be able to bring to your website, and done right you’ll be able to reap the rewards quite soon. A website that boasts a healthy number of between 30 and 50 blog posts can garner increased web traffic of up to 30% and that is bound to be good for business.

    At the same time, every blog post will be SEO optimised by our writers in ways that appeal to major search engines without resorting to the clumsy overuse of keywords that SEO blogging has been accused of in the past. The judicious use of keywords and phrases should never impair the reader’s enjoyment of a blog post, but rather engage potential clients whilst satisfying the requirements of search engines and browsers.

    Contact Copy & Co today to discuss the ways in which our blogging writers can bring the numerous advantages of blog posts to your website.

    Writing content for you blog

    So why should we opt for Copy & Co Blog Copy Writing Services?


    Get more readers and sell more

    Our blog copywriters will write persuasive content that will help you sell more. Copy & Co blog writing services will give your blog that selling voice you have been searching for.


    Blogging is essential

    Let Copy & Co show you the difference that regular blog posts can make to the health of your website.

    More writing skills

    Boost Search Engine Rankings

    Increase your search engine rankings by adding regular blog posts.  Search Engines like Google loves websites that are regularly updating the blog section of their website.

    Writing the seo content

    Quality Guaranteed

    Not happy with our work? Not to worry, we never leave a client behind.

    Sounds good, but I have some questions!

    I'm in! What's the next step?
    Get in touch and tell us about your project. We'll send you a free, no-obligation quotation.

    What is the difference between writing for a blog and writing for a website?
    Writing for a blog involves getting an idea for an article and writing a piece that will inform and entertain the reader, while writing for a website is more about writing about the services or product that your company provide.

    How long should a blog article be?
    Generally we feel an article should be about 1500 words or more. Google commonly gives longer more in-depth articles better placement on search engine rankings. Most experts agree that when writing a blog article, you should aim to educate and enlighten the user on the lifestyle implications of your service and keep the article focussed on the website’s service or product itself.

    Why do I need to write blog articles for my website?
    As mentioned before, Google just loves content. So making use of our blog copywriting services and writing unique content that will inform your readers will not only provide you website with higher rankings but also attract would-be customers who may be reading your blog article.

    Will you come up with article ideas or should I?
    We are happy to advise you on possible article topics but we do suggest you would provide us with some ideas that may attract readers (after all you are the expert in in your niche market).

    If you write an article a week for us, can we get a discount?
    For sure! Recurring orders qualify for discounts, so talk to us about getting your blog posts as regularly as you need them.

    I have placed an order with Copy and Co? So what happens next?
    Thank you signing up with Copy and Co!  If we have not already given you a brief then visit our Contact us page and give us a shout. We will get back to you within one working day.

    I have written a blog article myself already. Can you check if its any good?
    No problem, this is also right up our alley. We also provide editing and proofreading services that can make sure your own copy is up to the task. Contact us to discuss your options.


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