Proofreading Services

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    Content Editing and Proofreading Services

    Proofreading Services

    Copy & Co can make your existing copy shine like never before - and if you require a thorough content overhaul, we can completely re-write stale copy that is holding your website back from reaching its true online presence. Whether you require traditional English-language format or if your target market calls for US-orientated content, our skilled and experienced content editors will deliver the perfect product every time.

    As happens with countless small online companies, your content and information might have been well researched but when it comes to actually writing everything down to attract customers there seems to be something lacking. While you might have done the best you can at something that doesn’t come naturally to you, at Copy & Co our expert proof-readers will amend all grammar and spelling issues that even confident amateur writers might have missed.

    Nothing makes a worse impression on potential customers than websites riddled with poorly constructed sentences and glaring grammatical errors. A thorough copy editing by our content editing experts will ensure that the confidence and pride you put in your website is echoed in immaculate language use and error-free content.

    Light proofreading or complete SEO-focused rewrites – Copy & Co content editing services can rescue your website’s content!

    Basic proofreading might not, however, be enough to ensure that your content rises out of the mire of online rankings and your website’s content might require more than just the fixing of some basic spelling and grammar mistakes. Copy & Co’s content editing service will guarantee that your writing is easy to read and flows naturally. Our team of knowledgeable copy editors will make appropriate adjustments to language components such as active and passive voice usage, pronouns, headings, meta-tags and headlines. Our forte lies in converting a client’s haphazard sentence and paragraph structures into results-delivering, web-ready content.

    Then there’s the old adage about flogging a dead horse – there’s simply no point to it. If your ineffective and awkward content needs to be entirely overhauled, our highly skilled content editors have the experience to put together text that not only conveys the tone and personality of your unique product or company but which will also be SEO-optimized in order to guarantee a dominant presence on all major search engine results pages. Your content will be unique and never duplicated, ultimately greatly improving the online authority of your website.

    Our proficient proof-readers can perform a quick survey of your site’s content and online performance in order to make appropriate suggestions for the level of editing that we think your text and website deserves – contact Copy & Co today to start the process!

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    So why should we opt for Copy & Co Proofreading Services?


    Get more readers and sell more

    Our blog copywriters will write persuasive content that will sell more.


    Blogging is essential

    Let Copy & Co show you the difference that regular blog posts can make to the health of your website

    More writing skills

    Boost Search Engine Rankings

    Increase your search engine rankings by adding regular blog posts.  Search Engines loves websites that are regularly updating the blog section of their website.

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    Sounds good, but I have some questions!

    I'm in! What's the next step?
    Get in touch and tell us about your project. We'll send you a free, no-obligation quotation.

    How much does it cost?
    Pricing depends on the amount of work that needs to done and the amount of time we will need to complete your project. After giving us an idea on the scope of the project, we will provide you a free quote.

    How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of my documents?
    Copy & Co is fully committed to ensuring full confidentially in every aspect of our dealing with our clients. Your sensitive information is safe with us.

    Do you have some sample of your work?
    Yes we can provide various examples of work we have done including proofreading and content editing.

    What types of documents do you edit and proofread?
    If it contains words that can be misspelt or written out of context then we can edit it! Naturally more technical work will be charged at a higher rate as our proof readers will have to bring themselves up to date with your specific topic in order to ensure the integrity of the final product.

    How do I know that you guys are any good?
    Yes we are the best at what we do and our clients agree. Please have a look at our Testimonial page or email us for some examples of work we have done.

    What if I have a problem with your work or am not satisfied?
    We have a revision policy in place to guarantee that should you ever have a problem with our work we will do what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. A clear mandate at the start of the project and regular communication between us and our clients is a proven method of ensuring that we deliver the perfect final product.

    Is proofreading really necessary? I ran everything through a spellchecker and it looks just fine!
    Even the best spellchecker won’t pick up on the right way to use a word, even if it is spelt correctly. As copywriters like to chuckle, good proofreading is the difference between "a business that knows its shit and a business that knows it's shit." While there certainly is a role for spellcheckers, it’s best to leave it up to skilled proof readers to ensure that your content is not only grammatically sound but that it can do the job of selling your website successfully to potential customers.


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