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    Modern internet under the banner of the search engine giants Google has developed well past the point where all a person had to do was built a decent website in the hope of creating an online platform for their product or service, and then sit back as the virtual traffic started flowing like a digital river. The value of an effective SEO copywriter has never been more apparent when it comes to giving your website the edge over your competitors.

    Current search engine programming systems have highly specific requirements relating to content and keywords – everything from the balance of keywords employed to the originality of the content will dictate how your website will rank when online searches are performed for your specific keywords.

    But at the same time it is crucial that your SEO copywriter avoids creating content aimed only at search engine software and ignores the fact you really need your copy to appeal to the reader who is searching for exactly what you are providing. Effective copy should be able to tick all the boxes with Google in addition to offering potential clients the information that they’ve come looking for in a well-written, easy-reading and edifying style.


    Contact Copy & Co SEO for specialised SEO copywriting that will guarantee to reach your desired target market

    Copy & Co SEO copywriters will provide clients with well-researched copy with exactly the right keyword density in order to maximise Search Engine Optimisation for guaranteed top-notch online ratings. You provide us with your chosen keywords and we’ll research the keywords’ web distribution in order to formulate the perfect strategy for your content campaign.

    Our SEO content writers are highly skilled in assigning just the right amount of crucial keywords in your articles – and other important aspects such as headings, H1 and H2 headings and meta tags (the bit displayed under your page description in search results) are all expertly created and incorporated in the final product.

    Don’t get left behind in the past-paced world of online marketing – give your website the content and optimised copy that will provide you with the best possible web-platform for your unique business. Contact Copy & Co SEO copywriting services today to ensure that your website takes its rightful place in the competitive sphere of online rankings.

    Seo and content optimisation

    So where do we start?


    1. Set-Up
    In partnership with you, we will collate all the information needed about your project, brand & industry.

    Optimized content creator

    2. Keyword Research
    We will determine which key-phrases your target market uses to find your services / products on search engines.

    More writing skills

    3. Content Style Guide
    Using everything we know about your business, we'll convert your brand voice into a writing style.

    Double checking the content we have created

    4. SEO Copywriting
    You'll receive 2nd person checked and optimised content for your website. You can review the results and request edits.


    Sounds good, but I have some questions!

    I'm in! What's the next step?
    Get in touch and tell us about your project. We'll send you a free, no-obligation quotation with suggestions on how our SEO copywriters can benefit your website.

    How do I pick my keywords?
    We will perform keyword analysis and work with you to determine which keywords to focus on for maximum SEO results.

    Do I need SEO copywriting services?
    Naturally optimised content is ideal, but it is not always crucial to your website’s requirements. If easy-reading copy is required over highly specialised then we can help with that as well, but we recommend that you let us take a good look at your website’s performance and requirements in order to ensure that the most suitable content is loaded from the get-go. Our aim is to achieve the perfect ratio of Google-ready content in a well-written style.

    Will my site rank top on Google?
    Copy & Co will take all actions needed to create content that both you and search engines will love. But do keep in mind that great optimized content is quite critical when it comes to SEO rankings, there are numerous other SEO elements that website owners must keep in mind. These range from an active social media presence, building incoming links to your website to regularly updating your blog. All of this will ultimately help your website achieve high search rankings.

    Why is SEO content so important?
    Google loves content, the more the better. Also, the better it has been optimized, the higher the rankings you will get. Higher rankings mean more visitors to your website and more visitors means more sales and turnover.

    I don't like you work, what now?

    We are confident that you will like our SEO content but if not then we have a revision policy in place to guarantee that we deliver a perfect product for every client. A clear brief and regular communication between us and our clients will almost always ensure customer satisfaction.

    Do you have some sample of your work?
    Yes, we can provide various kinds of content of our work we have done including proofreading and our content editing services.

    How do I know that you guys are any good?
    Copy & Co will take all actions possible to write content for you that search engines love. However, while great content is a critical building block, sites need other elements like regular blog posts or an active social media presence - before they can achieve high search ranks. We prefer to consult and advise on the overall performance of a website if a client is in the process of actively improving a website’s online rankings, to ensure that all potential pitfalls are suitably addressed.


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