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    The modern day emergence of the importance of online content marketing has brought about a change in focus from the time-honoured “hard sell” to rather providing insightful information to potential customers and clients. This in turn has led to an increased demand for talented professionals who can develop and manage web content for businesses and online entities. Delivering effective web copywriting as well as producing a cohesive web content strategy has never been so important for the success of your online presence.

    This global trend towards more vigorous content marketing has even lead to increased hiring of skilled individuals to act as web content strategists – experts hired solely to produce and oversee a whole new approach to brand awareness in order to convert website visitors into loyal clientele. Experts report that the single area in which companies have increased their hiring of new staff for the first half of 2017 is in the field of content marketing – but it is also proving the most challenging position for which to find suitable candidates.

    The role of web content strategist demands that an individual be highly skilled and analytical thinkers but at the same time require quite a significant degree of creative input and an innovative approach to brand identity management..

    Contact Copy & Co today and have your personal team of content strategists available at the click of a button.

    While it would no doubt be to your advantage to employ a staff member dedicated solely to creating an effective content marketing strategy, this is expense simply not possible for small start-ups and entrepreneurs growing their online businesses.

    This is what sets Copy & Co apart from most other web copywriting and online article writing services – our staff are made up of expert SEO copywriters with years of experience when it comes to designing the best content makeover strategy for your website.

    Together with your vital input we will put together a strategy that takes in consideration the identity of your potential client and the unique character of your service or product, in order to create compelling content that pulls casual browsers in, resulting in growth and success for your online platform.

    web copywriter services

    So where do we start?


    Get more readers and sell more

    Our blog copywriters will write persuasive content that will sell more.


    Blogging is essential

    Let Copy & Co show you the difference that regular blog posts can make to the health of your website

    More writing skills

    Boost Search Engine Rankings

    Increase your search engine rankings by adding regular blog posts.  Search loves websites that are regularly updating the blog section of their website.

    Writing the seo content

    Quality Guaranteed

    Not happy with our work? Not to worry, we never leave a client behind.

    Sounds good, but I have some questions!

    I'm in! What's the next step?
    Get in touch and tell us about your project. We'll send you a free, no-obligation quotation.

    Do you give any discount for high volume projects?
    We certainly do. Contact us with the rough amount of articles or work that you need done and we can work out a quote. We can also advise on the amount of articles that your website needs in order to guarantee the best online rankings, as well as the suggested word count for articles to be written.

    Are we able to meet in person?
    Yes that is possible, as long as you are in Cape Town, South Africa where we are based. We have found that in this line of work everything can be address digitally and face-to-face meetings have almost never been necessary.

    Do you charge per hour or per word?
    We charge per word and the rate is based on the amount of work required and the scope of the project – as mentioned above clients are fee to contact us to find out more.

    I would like to know, who do you write for?
    We as web content strategist write web content for an array of clients both local and international. No topic is too specialised for our web copywriters.

    How does web copywriting services work?
    It depends, each service is different. After making contact with us we then send through our price spreadsheet with all our prices. Once you’ve reverted with your requirements we can discuss your order and hash out important factors such as keywords, word count required etc. Once all these aspects have been agreed upon we can provide you with the quote for your approval.

    I have placed an order with Copy and Co? So what happens next?
    Thank you signing up with Copy and Co! If we have not already given you a brief then visit our Contact us page and give us a shout. We will get back to you within one working day.

    How much do you charge for web copy writing?
    It depends, each service is different. After making contact with us we send you Price spreadsheet with all our prices.


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